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Our engineering shop has got everything covered to repair your damaged engine. We keep our prices low and the quality of our workmanship high to give you the quality you deserve. We can also make your life simple so you don’t need to worry about getting your engine to us. We offer a service where we can collect from your premises and return once the work is completed. If you find that your ride needs a little more power, we can fit a wide range of race parts to blast the competition out of the water. Fast skis aren’t just for the racers, so if more speed is what you need get in touch and we can put together a package deal to suit not only your needs, but your wallet too.

Cylinder boring
Cylinder re-sleeving
Crankshaft re-condition and repair
Carburettor rebuilds
General & Aluminium Welding
Head skimming & Re Facing
Dome re-profiling
Case & Casting repair
AND SO MUCH MORE.....we’ve got every corner covered.

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Engineering Shop
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