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Crankshaft Rebuilds

This is for a complete recondition of your own crankshaft. We are offering our customers the opportunity of having the damaged or worn crankshaft repaired. We undertake work and supply parts to a high percentage of the UK dealers, as well as building cranks for recreational riders and racers.

The price includes: A complete rebuild of YOUR crankshaft using only the best quality non OEM parts including: all pins, bearings, con rods and rod thrust washers (where applicable), Small end bearings and crank seals. You will need to send your crank to us for the work to be carried out although collection is available upon request.

All our parts and services carry a full (RTB) warranty for 12 months from the return date.
We can also offer a complete engine reconditioning service should you require it.

Important information: The crankshaft you send us must be in a condition that enables us to carry out a complete and thorough recondition. Crankshafts that have been previously repaired/reconditioned badly, or have had welded big end or main pins may incur additional charges. If you are unsure whether you crank is serviceable, please call us for advice prior to making your purchase.

Crankshafts received will be assessed and a quotation issued for the necessary repairs. In the event that the crankshaft cannot be reconditioned, we will quote for a direct replacement. Rejected or returned crankshafts will be refunded and returned less carriage costs and fees.

We will supply a complete piece of mind service, ensuring you receive the finest quality parts built by professionals. Your crankshaft will be returned to you.