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For many years there have been handle poles. Aluminium poles, cast poles, shiny and not so shiny poles. The problem is that sometimes, all that glitters is not gold. 
Having been lucky enough to work with some of the worlds most accomplished freestylers and racers, it has become obvious that they are demanding more, not only from their craft, but also from their equipment. 
This is why we have produced the TITAN Pole. 
Other poles we've used have always seemed OK, but all have had design flaws, either in the structure of the pole or the materials used. So in collaboration with Ant Burgess, among many other UK and European riders, we have developed the ultimate pole. It is not only strong but also adjustable and functional, without the need for cheesy after thoughts in manufacturing...

The TITAN Pole is built from aerospace spec aluminium, CNC machined, with stainless tubes for a more rigid feel and fully adjustable to suit all riders needs….Bling without the bull.


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